Institutional Activities

TutelaIt starts from the moment when, upon inspection, are issued technical guidelines and instructions appropriate to the situation encountered. It also includes the adoption of all the measures to ensure the protection and

conservation, for the purposes of public use, archives, namely:

  •       forms of free advice for their overall management of censuses which define the quantitative and qualitative consistency
  •     reproductions of security or complement each document or series
  •     direct intervention of the State in the event of a serious risk to inertia or default of the owners managers of the obligations for conservation and proper management imposed on them by law, at the expense of the same
  •     expropriation for reasons of public utility
  •     temporary shelter at the state structures responsible for conservation (State Archives) in the form of loan or deposit or final form of gift or purchase with exercise of the right of pre-emption
  •     concessions contributions or financial assistance to cover the total cost to the State for transactions of particular importance or to be of use or enjoyment of goods in public or plurality of files related to historical, geographical and institutional contexts homogeneous
  •     tax relief under L. 512/1982 for the owners declared and stock related to the tax return
  •     permissions to the archives and waste prevention advice
  •     authorizations, and requirements relating to temporary or definitive transfers to other legal persons of archival bodies or private individuals for whom has been issued a "declaration" to the termination of organizations, for credit in outsourced management services, archival, for loans for exhibitions in Italy
  •     permissions to change the location of stockpiles, Archival, non-employee, however, by the change of registered office or residence of the holder and the corresponding requirements arising from the verification of premises, equipment and systems, except that for the current archives (compare the document "Structural requirements essential an archive of public body (historical and storage) "In the case of dependence change of registered office or residence of the owner is sufficient prior notification to the displacement
  •     instructions for emergency measures to rescue and recovery in the event of natural disasters that have caused damage to the papers verified (compare the document "Archives flood victims: emergency instructions)
  •     authorizations to acts of alienation stock belonging to private legal entities non-profit
  •     permits the execution of works or works of any kind on archive documents, made a design or technical description of the intervention is to be conducted (rearrangements, inventariazioni, pest control, restoration, reproductions, etc..) with the possibility of preventive advice or , in case of restoration, also for preparation of the material intervention (filing, numbering of the cards, reproduction of security) and verification final outcome
  •     technical assistance in implementing the project approved
  •     issue of the declaration of historical interest particularly important for private archives and those clergymen
  •     claims, their respective owners, of all documents belonging to the State or public bodies who are in possession of other
  •     export control files or individual documents, given the different cases of prohibition to leave the country, however, subject to authorization and transfer initiatives abroad course on the originals, not the photoreproduction