ValorizzazioneThe enhancement is both to promote the knowledge of archival sources as the primary tool necessary for a historical reconstruction objective and scientific, in addition to the official sources, does not neglect the testimony most humble and minute facts of everyday life as told by the myriad of existing archives, and in ensuring the best conditions for public use and enjoyment of the documentary heritage. It then manifests itself in:

  •      organization of cultural events such as exhibitions, conferences, seminars, study days, publications
  •      teaching in cooperation with educational institutions, participation in university masters, preparation of training courses and workshops for employees and external stakeholders archive, in collaboration with local
  •      digital reproductions of particularly significant documents and data entry inventory of archival fonds in computer circuits
  •      guidance and support to the consultation of the originals from the owners by scholars within the limits of consultability acts and serves as intermediary between the owner and scholar
  •      sharing activities enhancement of public and / or private by establishing agreements with other actors, even in the form of establishment of foundations or permanent study centers