The Superintendency

The Archive Superintendence for Abruzzo is a branch office of the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture with jurisdiction over the whole territory of the Abruzzo region and headed by the Directorate General for the archives. E 'was created in 1963 and its territorial jurisdiction is also extended to the autonomous 01/01/1993 Molise became Superintendent based in Campobasso.
The Archival Superintendent, which have regional competence, carry out the duties of overseeing the archives of public and private ones declared of great historical interest, as well as to protect the documents that are outside of their institutional settings.
Among the tasks proper to the function of the protection of the Superintendent include: the identification and inventory of non-governmental archives, the declaration of "historical interest particularly important", inspections, advice, on request, about preservation methods, sorting and inventory; granting clearance for the standard deviation of the archives of public and private funding declared of great historical interest, the intervention in the event of breach of the obligations established by law, the opinion on applications for voluntary deposit in the relevant archive State, the transmission of requests for production of documents from institutions and individuals and the recovery of individual files and documents of the State that are outside the State Archives, the teaching and promotion as well as scientific research.
Pursuant to art. 30, paragraph 4, of the Code of the cultural heritage and landscape, public bodies are required to keep their files in their organic and ordering, as well as an inventory of its historical archives, consisting of the documents relating to the business spent more than forty years.
The capital comprising the private archives - family, personal, business, institutions of various kinds - is very rich. The rule requires the private required to report to the Superintendent archive your records, if it contains documents prior to the last 70 years, but obviously are very important historical archives also of more recent date. Supervisors are responsible, on their own initiative, to declare the "great historical interest" of private archives, as a result of this declaration arise for individuals special rights and obligations relating to the conservation and Consultation of their archives.